• Lynn Tramonte

(Summary) Anacaona 2019

In our first year of operation, Anacaona LLC worked with nonprofits, coalitions, and responsible companies to rack up more than 3,679 media hits (208 original articles and 3,471 reprints).

We contributed to five book projects through editing, proposal writing, and/or media outreach. Anacaona wrote over two dozen articles for clients on topics ranging from vaping to social justice for children, and translated 63 articles from Spanish into English.

Through the Ohio Immigrant Alliance, we raised over $17,500 for immigrant’s bonds, legal fees, and commissary accounts. We built strong partnerships with local leaders, volunteers, immigrants and community groups working to make Ohio a more welcoming place for immigrants.

Lynn Tramonte was recognized in La Mega Nota and Cleveland Scene magazine for this work. She also joined the Board of the Justice Action Center, a national organization started by Karen Tumlin that pursues immigrant justice through litigation and storytelling.

We hope the work we have done this year has made Anacaona—the Taína leader who used diverse tactics to resist her Spanish colonizers, and is the namesake of this company—proud.

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