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PD Report: Human Side of "Border Wall"

Report and Photos From US/Mexico Border Offer Multi-Dimensional Look Instead of Simplistic Sound Bites

Jesus Lara says good=bye to his brother before deportation
Jesus Lara says good-bye to his brother before deportation; photo credit Jose Mendez

Arizona-Mexico Border – The Cleveland Plain Dealer published a special report, “Desperation knows no boundary,” about the real situation at the US-Mexico border. Through extensive reporting by Michael Sangiacomo and stunning photographs by Lisa DeJong, the series offers a glimpse into what life is like along the US-Mexico border, and how inadequate the simplistic sound bites coming out of Washington, DC truly are. This type of in-depth reporting is too often missing from the breathless headlines and “tit for tat”-type stories so common in the national press.

Read every article, spend some time with the photos, and see that there are human dimensions to the so-called “Border Wall” debate that politicians and all Americans need to understand.  

The report includes articles on:

Accompanying photo galleries by Lisa DeJong show the human side of what is often only talked about as an inanimate “border wall.” See DeJong’s breathtaking photos here:

The Plain Dealer’s special report has national relevance, but it also connects directly back to Ohio. Sangiacomo interviewed Ohioans volunteering on both sides of the border about why they are getting involved. He spoke with Arizona sheriffs who said that the real focus of law enforcement at the border is on drug smuggling, not people; they recently intercepted a load of drugs intended for Ohio and “probably saved someone’s life.”

This reporter-photographer duo has covered the impacts of U.S. immigration policy, and its dramatic shift under Trump, at home as well. They documented the struggle of Willard father Jesus Lara and his four American children, as they tried to remain together in the United States. Jesus was deported in 2017. Sangiacomo co-reported a story with the Dallas Morning News’ Alfredo Corchado about an Ohio man who was kidnapped and held for ransom, after being deported in 2017.

Read the entire series and view the photos here.

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