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This month, profiles about Lynn and the Ohio Immigrant Alliance have appeared in two publications: La Mega Nota (Spanish) and the annual People Issue of Cleveland Scene.

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In Scene, Sam Allard describes how Detroit Field Office Director Rebecca Adducci is making life impossible for Ohio immigrants and their families. Quoting Lynn, he writes:

"You see so many national articles on Ohio deportation cases because of how ridiculous the decisions are. She just doesn't have any qualms. They go above and beyond to be cruel." 
Tramonte mentions the case of Jimmy Aldaoud, an Iraqi living in Detroit, who was deported with nothing but the clothes on his back. He spoke no Arabic and suffered from diabetes, and died in Baghdad two months later. 
Aldaoud's story received national attention, but many others have flown under the radar. Tramonte references Goura Ndiaye, a 60-year-old Mauritanian man who'd been living in the Columbus area for 20 years when he was detained by ICE, days before he was expected to have surgery on his necrotic hip. 
"Instead, they kept him for eight months with no treatment," Tramonte says. "And when they deported him, they told him they were taking him to surgery. Instead, they drove him to a chartered jet." 

In La Mega Nota, Claudia Longo writes:

Una de las metas más ambiciosas de Tramonte, es lograr obtener apoyo de patrocinadores y donaciones para ayudar a más personas detenidas en los centros para inmigrantes en Ohio. Muchos de estos inmigrantes que son trasladados a Ohio desde la frontera sur, no cuentan con familiares que los puedan ayudar a pagar fianza o ni siquiera tienen asistencia legal adecuada. Trasladarlos a lugares alejados es parte de la estrategia del gobierno de aislamiento.
A su vez allí también se encuentran personas detenidas a consecuencia de las redadas que sufrió el estado de Ohio en los últimos meses y que también necesitan ayuda.
La idea es lograr conectar fondos y abogados pro bono, con los detenidos.

Translation: One of Tramonte’s most ambitious goals is to be able to obtain support from funders and donations to help more people detained in immigration jails in Ohio. Many of these immigrants are brought to Ohio from the southern border, they have no family members who can help them pay their bonds and they don’t even have appropriate legal assistance. Transporting them to far away places is part of the isolation strategy of the government. Also found there are people detained following the raids that the state of Ohio has suffered in recent months and they also need help. The idea is to achieve a way to connect funds and pro bono lawyers with the people who are detained.

About this recent spate of coverage about the work of the Ohio Immigrant Alliance, Lynn had this to say:

With the Plain Dealer and other local newspapers shedding staff or even closing, Scene and La Mega stand out for their immigration and political coverage. Ohio is not always thought of as an ‘immigration’ state, because we do not have the numbers of a California or a Texas. But what people don’t know is that we do have one of the most aggressive deportation offices in the nation, and weak state and local policies that contribute to family insecurity. Thanks to Scene, La Mega, and a few other outlets across the state, Ohio immigrants’ stories are getting told. The grassroots is engaged and mobilizing. Now, we need politicians and leaders to do their jobs and enact change.

For more, visit www.ohioimmigrant.org


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