• Lynn Tramonte

Free Ansly Damus Today, and Cut Detroit ICE’s Budget Tomorrow

Image Credit: ACLU of Ohio

As Lynn Tramonte, Director of the Ohio Immigrant Alliance wrote in a new Medium piece: “There is a reason that the expected release today of Haitian asylum-seeker Ansly Damus, who has been held in a Geauga County, Ohio jail for more than two years, is national news.”

Tramonte goes on to describe how cruel decisions coming out of the Detroit ICE Field Office--with Rebecca Adducci at the helm--have frequently garnered national headlines, being checked only by the zealous efforts of immigration lawyers, litigators, and judges with respect for the U.S. Constitution.

She argues that Adducci’s budget should be cut, “dramatically--so that the Detroit ICE Field Office finally has to focus on real, common sense priorities. They are using our tax dollars, after all.”

While Adducci may represent the United States of America at its nativist worst, Tramonte points out that Detroit ICE’s actions have created a backlash that shows America at its very best. Elise Foley at the Huffington Post has an in-depth look at how Cleveland Heights, OH residents rallied around Damus since he was transferred to the northeast Ohio jail, playing an integral part in securing his expected freedom today.

Tramonte concludes: “Adducci may think she’s in charge, but she’s no match to our nation’s best lawyers and the good people of Ohio and Michigan willing to step up for immigrants and refugees.”

Read the full article on Medium here.

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