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Deportation in America’s Heartland: Ohio Immigrants & Activists in “Heartland Woman” Podcast

Cleveland, OH – Ohio is one of the most difficult states to live in as an undocumented immigrant, due to raids, racial profiling, and an aggressive Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office. A new podcast exploring “the challenges women face and the ways that women work within their families, communities and the nation to overcome these issues” in America’s heartland features three episodes about immigration and deportation policy in Ohio.

According to Martha Kovach, PhD; Douglas Jones; and Stephen Kovach, creators of the “Heartland Woman” podcast:

Heartland Woman is a podcast featuring interviews related to significant women's issues. Our topics are as varied as life itself. We cover everything from jobs, poverty, racism, violence and homelessness to art, health, immigration, sex and raising children. Forget simplistic soundbites, conspiracy theories and made-up “alternative facts.” Our host, sociologist Martha Kovach, PhD, talks with women who work on the forefront of these issues. Our lively conversations focus on the complexities of current practices, laws and policies as they affect women’s lives.

Three immigration-focused episodes analyze the issue from deeply personal and diverse lenses.

Episode 2 in the series, “Like a Rhinestone Activist,” features Bella Sin, “Cleveland’s Burlesque Queen.” The episode notes say:

Bella Sin has been an activist for progressive causes since she was a teenager. She fought for the rights of others while struggling with her own self-image as an immigrant Mexican young woman. Bella made a surprising career choice that empowered her sense of self and helped her to integrate her body and sexuality with her new-found pride in her Mexican heritage. As she works for the rights of immigrants, she has one loud message to young women of color: “You are good enough!”

Episode 4, “Just Like Cockroaches,” records a conversation with Lyzette, a 37 year-old mother who was detained during the Corso’s immigration raid, and her daughter Maggie. It is an intimate look into one family’s worst nightmare coming true, and how they are struggling to remain together.

Episode 9 “It’s a Moral Choice,” features Lynn Tramonte, Director of the Ohio Immigrant Alliance, dispelling common myths about immigration in the U.S. and drawing attention to another Trump Administration policy choice that is having a deep impact in Ohio: the deportation of refugees from Mauritania to a country where they face arrest, torture, slavery, extortion, and even death.

For more, visit heartlandwoman.com or email voices@heartlandwoman.com.

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