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Cold as ICE: Adducci's “Appetite for Destruction” of OH & MI Families

(Cross-posted from Ohio Immigrant Alliance)

Cleveland, OH – Rebecca Adducci is notorious in all the bad ways. She is Field Office Director of Detroit ICE, the government agency responsible for “immigration enforcement” in Ohio and Michigan.

In a new fact sheet, Ohio Immigrant Alliance provides an exhaustive list of the cruel, incompetent, and dangerous decisions Adducci and her agents have made, using our tax dollars. Some of the “worst hits” on the Adducci playlist include:

  • Deporting people to torture, kidnapping, and worse--in Mauritania and Mexico;

  • Raiding factories and garden centers with K-9s and machine guns to arrest humble workers; and

  • Jailing asylum-seekers who have already established strong cases, trying to break their spirits so that they give up on their cases.

Several of Adducci’s deportation decisions have made national and even international headlines for their particular cruelty. Maribel Trujillo, Ded Rranxburgaj, Amer Adi, Francis Anwana, Ansly Damus, Seyni Diagne, Pedro Ramirez, Lourdes Salazar Bautista, Issa Sao, Edith Andrade-Jimenez, Jesus Lara, and Jorge Garcia are just some of the people who come to mind.

Her office even detained a U.S. citizen and marine vet, Jilmar Ramos-Gomez. And, many of Adducci’s most inhumane decisions have not even been exposed publicly.

“When it comes to immigration cruelty, Rebecca Adducci ‘exceeds expectations,’ even in the Trump era,” said Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio Immigrant Alliance. “She has an ‘appetite for destruction’ of Ohio and Michigan families. It is heartbreaking to see all of the damage her decisions are doing to children, families, and human lives.”

Adducci has distinguished herself as one of the cruelest ICE directors at a time of particular cruelty, given direction from the top. Read more about Adducci’s reign of terror here.

Father’s Day is just another reminder that hundreds of Ohio and Michigan children are being kept away from fathers who want to be there for them, all because Rebecca Adducci refuses to recognize immigrants’ humanity.

“Rebecca Adducci may get a ‘gold star’ from her bosses in the Trump administration, but we taxpayers are the ones who pay her salary,” Tramonte continued. “Congress must reign in the Detroit ICE budget, so that she no longer has a blank check to destroy Ohio and Michigan families.”

What Can You Do?

Share this fact sheet, and tell your Members of Congress to cut ICE’s budget immediately. Appropriations season is about to start in Washington, DC.

You can also help us raise money so that immigrants are able to mount a strong legal defense, and pay bonds when they do win release from one of Adducci’s immigration jails. The best antidote to all of these excesses and abuses, to date, has been the legal effort working to keep Adducci and Trump in check.

Please donate to support Ohio immigrants’ legal defense at the funds below. All donations are tax-deductible and go directly to legal expenses, fees, and bonds for Ohio immigrants.

Ohio Immigrant Legal Defense Fund: http://bit.ly/OHImmigLegal

Black Mauritanian Legal Defense Fund: http://bit.ly/BlackMauritanianLegal

Read more about Rebecca Adducci here. Join the Ohio Immigrant Alliance here.

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