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Adopt the Families of Norwalk for Navidad

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

For months, influential activist Bella Sin and the ownership of La Plaza Supermarket have been gathering and preparing donations of food, toiletries and other necessities to assist Ohio families devastated by this summer’s massive immigration raid at Corso’s Flower and Garden Center.

On a weekly basis, Sin and a team of volunteers have driven items from Cleveland to Norwalk, where they are distributed to families in need. As WKYC reported, the team is in desperate need of cash donations ahead of the Christmas holiday, to ensure that every family has a little something extra to brighten their day.

A GoFundMe page to “Adopt the Families of Norwalk for Navidad” has been set up, and members of the public are encouraged to contribute and share. Every amount counts.

“The goal is to give every family a $100 gift card so that they can buy what they need,” said Bella Sin. “We can do this if we come together, just like we have done all these other months as soon as the raids hit Norwalk and other Ohio communities. These are Ohio families, Ohio kids in need, and I know if we all do a little bit we can gather the money needed to make sure they have a Merry Christmas.”

For an intimate look at the impact these raids have had on Ohio families, read this Washington Post article “Are you alone now?” about one pair of siblings’ experiences after their mother was arrested. Also, listen to this episode of the podcast “Heartland Woman,” which features a mother arrested at Corso’s talking with her 11 year-old daughter.

To interview Ms. Sin or find out more about the donation drive, contact Lynn Tramonte of the Ohio Immigrant Alliance at ltramonte@ohioimmigrant.org or 202-255-0551.

Visit http://bit.ly/NorwalkNavidad to donate to the families of Norwalk.

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